4) Practical Skills (PS)


To perform practical skills, in particular:

PS1 Special needs of the visually impaired

PS2 Retinoscopy and subjective refraction

PS3 Periocular and intraocular drug delivery

PS4 Venous access and cannulation

PS5 Local anaesthesia

PS6 Diathermy

PS7 Use cryotherapy appropriately and safely (REMOVED FROM THE CURRICULUM AUGUST 2011)

PS8 Assess lacrimal function

PS9 Anterior chamber paracentesis

PS10 Corneal scraping

PS11 Ocular surface foreign body removal

PS12 Punctal occlusion

PS13 Suture removal from eye and adnexae

PS14 Use of therapeutic bandage contact lenses

PS15 Periocular botulinum toxin injection

PS16 Corneal gluing

PS17 Performing ultrasonography

PS18 Demonstrate lid hygiene

PS19 Aqueous and vitreous sampling

PS20 Blood culture sampling

PS21 Hand hygiene

PS22 Irrigation and debridement of ocular contaminants

PS23 Prepare a biopsy sample for subsequent histopathological and microbiological assessment (REMOVED FROM THE CURRICULUM AUGUST 2012)

PS24 Forced duction testing

PS25 Biometry skills