4) Practical Skills (PS)


To perform practical skills, in particular:

PS1 Recognise and assist with the special needs of people with visual impairment in the clinical environment

PS2 Perform a refractive assessment and provide an optical prescription

PS3 Administer periocular and intraocular drugs

PS4 Perform venesection, cannulation and set-up intravenous infusions

PS5 Achieve appropriate local anaesthesia, and recognise the possible complications

PS6 Use diathermy appropriately and safely

PS7 Use cryotherapy appropriately and safely (THIS LEARNING OUTCOME HAS BEEN REMOVED)

PS8 Assess lacrimal function

PS9 Perform anterior chamber paracentesis

PS10 Perform a corneal scrape

PS11 Remove ocular surface foreign bodies

PS12 Occlude the nasolacrimal puncta

PS13 Remove sutures from eye and adnexae

PS14 Fit a bandage contact lens

PS15 Administer periocular botulinum injections

PS16 Apply corneal glue

PS17 Perform ocular ultrasound

PS18 Demonstrate lid hygiene to a patient

PS19 Perform anterior chamber and vitreous sampling

PS20 Take samples for blood culture

PS21 Perform the correct hand hygiene technique

PS22 Carry out irrigation and debridement of ocular contaminants

PS23 Prepare a biopsy sample for subsequent histopathological and microbiological assessment (THIS LEARNING OUTCOME HAS BEEN REMOVED)

PS24 Perform forced duction tests