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Inherited retinal disease: the basics and interactive cases

Inherited retinal disease: the basics and interactive cases

Start time: 23rd January 2023 09:30

Location: London

Description: Are you the type of person who stays up at night wondering why mutations in a ubiquitously expressed splicing factor gene give rise to non-syndromic retinitis pigmentosa? If so, this course might not be for you, you already know too much. The course aims to equip participants with the basics for identifying and managing patients with inherited retinal diseases. Although individually rare, these conditions collectively are a major cause of blindness in children and the working age. We are now better able to achieve a genetic diagnosis in the majority of our patients, and this is now becoming standard of care – the molecular diagnosis can help exclude non-genetic disease, give information on the risk of relatives or children being affected, give some prognostic information, and determine eligibility for novel therapies. Genomic testing can now be accessed by any clinician. As well as focusing on the basics, a full 50% of this course will be devoted to a range of engaging, interactive cases with key learning points emphasised. The course will be relevant for trainee and consultant ophthalmologists, including retinal specialists. The course might also be of interest to optometrists and allied health professionals who encounter patients with inherited retinal disease.

Places Available: 37

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