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Neuro ophthalmology the unmissable

Start: 7th February 2020

Type: Seminar

Description: Unmissable’ adjective 1. so good that it should not be missed (Collins English Dictionary) 2. disorders, that by their threat to life or sight, that should not be missed (British Neuro-Ophthalmologists) This RCOphth seminar presents an interactive case-based symposium that will discuss 10 neuro-ophthalmology disorders that must be diagnosed quickly and managed appropriately in order to prevent loss of life or sight. The speakers will deliver a typical case and underline the key points of their case. There will be a brief panel discussion of red flag signs and symptoms, and the current management of the disorder will be highlighted. Cases will include: finding that intracranial tumour in your busy ophthalmology clinic; identifying potentially deadly causes of papilloedema such as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis; knowing when to refer for urgent surgery to protect the vision; understanding when to be worried about double vision and how to catch its fellow travellers that point to more ominous systemic causes of symptoms; when to refer to the stroke pathway and finally uncovering novel and possibly treatable causes of optic neuritis distinct from demyelination that could change your patient’s outcome and long-term visual and neurological status. Your faculty for the day will be James Benzimra, a consultant paediatric and neuro-ophthalmologist at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in Devon; Richard Blanch, Mike Burdon, and Susan Mollan who are consultant neuro-ophthalmologists at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, University Hospitals Birmingham; Dr Arani Nitkunan, a consultant neurologist at Croydon University Hospital and St George's University Hospital and Dr Sui Wong, consultant neuro-ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital and St Thomas’s London. Delegates will be encouraged to participate in each case presentation and, for this reason, the programme doesn’t list the diagnoses. Handouts, summarising the key features of each disorder will be available at the end

Places Available: Limited Availability

Venue: Friends House, Euston Road, London

Programme: Click here to open.

CPD Points: 5.5

Allied profession - £165.00
Non RCOphth member consultant - £250.00
RCOphth member (Member, Affiliate or Diplomate only) - £190.00
Non RCOphth member ophthalmologist - £210.00
RCOphth member consultant - £230.00
Ophthalmic trainee - £165.00

Booking Closed: This event took place on the 7th February 2020.