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New Features

The Educational Supervisor Report (ESR) is now incorporated into the portfolio system.  In addition, the information (e.g. Timetables, Placements, Audits etc) will be input gradually into the Trainee’s “My Details” section as training progresses with the e-Portfolio system collating the information for the ESR.  This will dispense with the need to laboriously enter all the

CPD online diary registration

The CPD online diary is available to College members and is included in the membership fee. If you would like to register to use the CPD programme only then please contact cpd@rcophth.ac.uk for details. Please note that an annual fee is required for CPD only. Features of the CPD diary include: Linking of CPD and e-portfolio activities to GMC revalidation domains

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The CPD programme of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists started in 1996. It is open to all UK (inc. Eire) Fellows, Affiliates and Members and is designed for all ophthalmologists whether or not they are employed within the NHS. The programme is also open to non-members of the College who will be charged an annual fee.

CPD online reporting tool

One of the requirements of Good Medical Practice is that doctors keep their knowledge and skills up to date. The GMC document Supporting information for appraisal and revalidation  states that CPD should: Be relevant to the whole scope of the doctor’s practice Stimulate the doctor to reflect on whether he / she is working to the

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