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Advisory Appointments Committees and Job Plans

Planning for an appointment should begin as early as possible.  In the case of a replacement post this should be as soon as it is known that a vacancy will arise.  The Trust is responsible for drawing up the job description for a consultant post. Approval from the Regional Representative must be given.

The NHS Trust must send the College Regional Representative the job description for approval.

Once approval has been given by the Regional Representative, the request for a College Assessor must be sent to the College with a copy of:

  • The job description
  • The person specification
  • A letter from the Regional Representative confirming approval of the post
  • It is also important to include the date, time and location of the AAC

Please note The Royal College of Ophthalmologists does not send out a list of Assessors but finds an individual to attend the AAC.

The College supports the Advice on Supporting Professional Activities in consultant job planning.

The College will forward the name and address of the individual who has agreed to sit on the Advisory Appointments Committee.  The College will also send the individual an AAC pack as well as a copy of the job description.

At least 12 weeks notice should be given for an AAC.  The 12 weeks corresponds to the date by which you expect to be able to announce the short list rather than the date of the interview.

The College has also produced guidance on job descriptions for specialty doctors in ophthalmology: Specialty Doctor Job Plan Guide

Please note that Specialty Doctor job descriptions should also be sent from the Trust to the Regional Representative for approval.  College Assessors are not sent to Specialty Doctor interviews but if two Consultants (i.e. College Members) are on the interview panel, the College would be happy for one of them to act as the College Assessor.

For information from the College please contact [email protected].