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Essay Prize for Foundation Doctors

Awards and Prizes

RCOphth offers a wide range of travel awards and clinical/research fellowships in partnership with other organisations. Names of winners are published annually unless individual opt-out requests are received. All award recipients are required to submit a written report within three months of the completion of their fellowship/research, to be circulated to the RCOphth Education Committee and the awarding body.  Please use the Report Format Guidance.

Plagiarism will result in disqualification.

Please direct any Awards & Scholarship enquiries to [email protected] .

Open Awards

Closed Awards

  • RCOphth and NIHR Researcher of the Year Awards 2019
  • Fight For Sight/Royal Society of Medicine Award
  • The Ophthalmology Clinical Research Training Fellowship
  • RCOphth/NIHR Researcher of the Year 2018
  • BOSU Surveillance Study Bursary
  • The Nettleship Medal 2019
  • Fight for Sight Award 2019
  • Sir William Lister/Dorey Bequest Travel Awards 2019
  • Essay Prize for Foundation Doctors 2019
  • Fight for Sight and RCOphth – John Lee Fellowship Primer Award 2019
  • Ethicon Foundation Fund 2019
Open Awards – Information to apply Closing Date

International Glaucoma Association Award 2020

Applications are invited for the 2020 IGA Award.

This is a postgraduate research award to facilitate research into glaucoma. Applicants may be trainees seeking support for a fellowship or senior researchers seeking a grant for a project.

Applications are invited from departments and individuals based in the UK or Eire but the research studies may be carried out elsewhere.

The IGA encourages patient orientated research and research directly concerned with the improvement of the management of glaucoma.

The IGA Award is awarded to a value of up to £100,000.

Multidisciplinary research teams are encouraged and should include a member/fellow of The Royal College of Ophthalmology but co-applicants (and project lead) may include hospital/community based optometrists and/or nurses undertaking glaucoma research in the UK and Ireland.

The application form can be found here.

1 February 2020

Ulverscroft David Owen Award

Applications are invited for the second Ulverscroft David Owen Award, for recognition of high-quality research into paediatric ophthalmology. The Foundation, in partnership with the College is offering a prize of £500.

Application must be made by those with research in paediatric ophthalmology and visual sciences. Applications must be made by the first author and senior author together, either the first or lead author must be an ophthalmologist and a member of the RCOphth. The applicants should be based, and have undertaken the research, at a British institution. The paper must have been published in a peer reviewed scientific journal after 1 January 2018.

Timetable for 2020 award:

  • Applications open: 11 November 2019
  • Applications close: 5 February 2020
  • Announcement of winner: 24 February 2020
  • Award made at Congress 2020 Congress Award Ceremony in Birmingham

Judging panel:

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists’ Paediatric Sub-committee.


17:00 Weds 5 Feb 2020

Keeler Scholarship 2020

Applications are invited for the 2020 Keeler Scholarship, the purpose of which is to enable the Keeler Scholar, for the subsequent benefit of ophthalmology in the UK, to study, research, or acquire special skills, knowledge, or experience at a suitable location in the UK or elsewhere for a minimum period of six months.

The scholarship is awarded to a value of up to £30,000.

Applicants must be Fellows, Members, or Affiliates of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (being of good standing).

The Trustees will give special consideration to candidates intending to make a career in ophthalmology in the United Kingdom.

17.00 Mon 10 Feb 2020

Patrick Trevor-Roper Undergraduate Travel Award 2020

Applications are invited for this award in Ophthalmology, which is open to all undergraduate medical students – from the United Kingdom and Ireland only – with an interest in the specialty. There are three individual awards to be made annually, each for the sum of £550. The money may be used to fund electives in Ophthalmology and may be spent on travelling or subsistence.

The Patrick Trevor Roper Award is awarded every year for electives to be carried out in the 12 months following the closing date.  The only exception to this rule is if applicants start the elective immediately before the closing date and it is still ongoing at that point.

The application form can be found here.

17.00 Friday 1 May 2020