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Ophthalmopaedia is an ambitious component of the Ophthalmology e-Learning project.  It is revolutionary as it is the world’s first online encyclopaedia of ophthalmology.  The aim is to create an authoritative encyclopaedic resource that can be used by any ophthalmologist wishing to look up a topic (trainers and registrars alike).

It is produced and maintained by the ophthalmic community. Any topic of relevance to the community may be included as the horizons of this resource are not limited to a set curriculum. It will hence have a wide breadth and significant depth. Multiple image files, videos and animations may be included in each article, and those resources may be expanded by agreement with the relevant author. Although the name “Ophthalmopaedia” has some resonance with the online Wikipaedia, all the content in Ophthalmopaedia will be quality assured and overseen by an expert editorial board.

There will be a monthly prize for the best article submitted by all grades (consultants not included). Articles published on the Ophthalmpaedia (the College’s online encyclopaedia) are now citable. This is to facilitate authors claiming recognition for the work they have done in contributing to this valuable resource. See link insert for the rules governing the award of the prize.

Standardised templates have been created to simplify the process of creating articles for the Ophthalmopaedia. We are currently accepting articles which fit into the broad categories of “Conditions” or “Techniques” with additional categories to be developed in the future.

To submit an article, prospective authors are encouraged to follow these simple steps and can review Guide for Authors:

  1. Register for the e-learning site
  2. Identify the topic they are interested in writing about after checking that it has not already been covered
  3. Download one of the existing templates or alternatively approach the relevant editorial team to discuss and agree an alternative template
  4. Refer to the guide for authors link and after completing the article submit it to the editorial team for review.
  5. Following the editorial review and upon acceptance the College will then arrange for the article to be uploaded onto the website (go live) after which it may be cited as a Royal College recognised publication in your CV
  6. The College would encourage Ophthalmologists of all grades to submit articles

Users must be registered with e-Learning for Healthcare and must login to the e-LfH site each session. This is free of charge and an easy process.

Please note that Ophthalmopaedia will not contain case reports. There will be a separate Validated Case Archive (VCA) in due course.

Ophthalmopaedia is categorised alphabetically, but a Table of Contents and a list of Contributors will be available along with a search facility.