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Eye Units should send copies of CVI forms for epidemiological analysis

The Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI) is the key data source for the preventable sight loss indicator.  Where consent has been given by the patient (or the parent or guardian if the patient is a child), a copy of the CVI form should be sent to Moorfields Eye Hospital for epidemiological analysis. These figures are

CVI has been updated – important changes for all ophthalmologists to be aware of

Working in partnership with The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, RNIB and others, the Department of Health (England) has updated the Certificate of Vision Impairment form and revised the Explanatory Notes for consultant ophthalmologists and hospital eye clinic staff in England. Key objectives have been: To simplify the form, collecting only essential information To make it easier

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Revised CVI and Explanatory Notes for England now open for consultation

The Department of Health has published the consultation to the revised Certificate of Vision Impairment form and the Explanatory Notes for Consultant Ophthalmologists and Hospital Eye Clinic Staff in England. This was published on Wednesday 16 November, and can be found at: The CVI and the ‘Explanatory notes for consultant ophthalmologists and hospital eye

A new process for the Certification of Vision Impairment in Wales (CVIW)

A multi-disciplinary team, including the volunteer sector in Wales, has worked to improve the CVI process which was launched in September 2016. When a person’s sight loss reaches certain levels they are entitled, if consenting, to be certified as severely sight impaired (SSI) or sight impaired (SI) by a Consultant Ophthalmologist. Certification should be seen as an

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VISION 2020 UK holds round table event on Certificate of Visual Impairment

VISION 2020 UK, the umbrella organisation which leads collaboration between organisations in the eye health and sight loss sector, has brought together senior representatives from health, social care and the voluntary sector at an event at The Royal College of Ophthalmologists in London. The round table event, chaired by Professor Carrie MacEwen, President, The Royal

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