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drug alert

Ozurdex recall alert

Allergan Pharmaceuticals Ireland is recalling numerous batches of Ozurdex due to the possibility that a single loose silicone particle of approximately 300 microns in diameter may become detached from the needle sleeve during administration of the implant and may be delivered into the eye along with the implant. The MHRA have issued the following alert

Field Safety Notice: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics; samples containing fluorescein may show interference

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics advises that if blood samples contain fluorescein it may interfere with the ADVIA Centaur® Systems TSH3 Ultra, Vitamin D and the ADVIA Centaur BRAHMS Procalcitonin assay tests. Evidence suggests that patients undergoing fluorescein angiography can retain small amounts of fluorescein dye in body fluids for up to 72 hours post angiography. Patients

MHRA Drug Safety Alert: Dorzolomide hydrochloride/timolol maleate (Cosopt) preservative-free single-dose eye drops: reports of eye injury

Dorzolomide hydrochloride/timolol maleate (Cosopt) preservative-free single-dose eye drops are used to treat glaucoma. The MHRA is aware of 69 complaints in the UK with this product after the introduction of a new design of dropper in July 2013. These reports include scratches to the cornea, and difficulty in administration of the drops onto the eye.