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Health Education England and NHS Improvement outline key recommendations to support SAS doctors

Health Education England and NHS Improvement have published their report, “Maximising the Potential: essential measures to support SAS doctors”, making recommendations to support the career development of SAS doctors. It is hoped that through implementation of the shared commitments in the report the healthcare community will work to create and provide opportunities for SAS doctors

Position statement on the Associate Specialist grade

In April 2008 the ‘associate specialist’ (AS) grade was closed and succeeded by the new ‘specialty doctor’ grade. Over recent years there have been calls from the British Medical Association (BMA)1 and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC)2 to reopen the AS grade. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) works directly with the Staff

Ophthalmology National SAS Day

The National SAS Day is an opportunity to share learnings, experiences and to meet colleagues from around the country. The following report from Anne Sinclair, Scotland SAS Representative provides a flavour of what to expect from the National SAS Day. If you were one of the crowd who attended, I’m sure you’ll agree that this

SAS Training and CESR

SAS doctors need training and development opportunities to keep up to date and progress. They should access not only ophthalmic training such as regional study days and RCOphth seminars and Congress, but also a wider range of training such as management and leadership, teaching and clinical governance. The rights of SAS doctors are described in

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Staff and Associate Specialist Ophthalmologists (SAS)

The College’s SAS Group was established in 2006 and meets three times a year. The Group has representatives on all the main College committees, and on Council. The Group Chairman also represents SAS ophthalmologists on the SAS Committee of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. The President attends our meetings along with the Chief Executive.