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Our Strategic Plan 2015 – 19

19 March 2015

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists launched their Strategic Plan 2015 – 19 on 6 March 2015.

The Plan was developed after broad consultation and outlines three priority areas over the next five years that the College will focus on to help shape eye care services of the future and to raise eye care higher on the health agenda.

Whilst the specialty has been at the forefront of redesigning and reconfiguring eye health services, the College and its members recognise that this is becoming more difficult as the need for increased capacity continues to grow due to the development of successful treatments for chronic eye conditions.

There are three aims outlined in the Strategic Plan.

The first is to continue to develop and deliver the core services of training, education and assessment so that ophthalmologists of the future are equipped to meet the needs of patients in a changing world. Training and examinations were highlighted as areas of achievement in the July 2014 membership survey and are regarded as ‘the jewel in the crown’ of the College.

The second is to influence and uphold standards in eye health through proactive leadership and expertise in the field of ophthalmology for the benefit of patients. The College aims to be more outward-looking to promote ophthalmology as a specialty and to uphold standards in ophthalmic care including our role in leading the multidisciplinary team. The College will develop accredited guidance and protocols to support the correct delivery of eye care for each individual and for service frameworks to meet the increasing demands of the population.

The third is to better represent, support and engage with members to ensure that the College remains strong and better placed to improve services to members and to provide more opportunities to support College work through better communication channels, more visibility of Council members and encouraging open feedback.

Carrie MacEwen, President, launched the Strategic Plan at the official opening of Stephenson Way and said, ‘The College represents the voice of ophthalmology and I believe our Strategic Plan provides a comprehensive framework for the College to help shape eye care services of the future and to raise eye care as a priority in the NHS. The Strategic Plan outlines the direction and scope of three priority areas for the College over the next five years and will ensure our energy is directed in the right areas to make a positive difference to our specialty and, more importantly, to our patients’.