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RNIB call for reversal of NHS England’s decision to block treatments for children and adults with severe refractory uveitis

11 August 2015

RNIB have mounted a campaign to ask people to sign up and send messages supporting a reversal of the NHS England’s decision to block treatments for patients with sever refractive uveitis to Simon Stevens and Bruce Keogh at NHS England.

In July 2015, NHS England decided they will not routinely provide Humira and Remicade for severe refractory (unmanageable) uveitis. RNIB believes that this decision is wrong and that many children and adults will needlessly go blind without these treatments.

Severe refractory uveitis is a rare and long term condition affecting one or both eyes and can lead to blindness if not treated correctly. Patients with this condition currently receive steroids and immunosuppressants, however, these drugs only work for 60 per cent of individuals. The remainder are either not responsive or are unable to tolerate the side effects of these drugs and therefore need another option. This is where anti-TNF drugs (Remicade and Humira) can be used to save their sight. 

People can contact for more information on the campaign.