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EYE journal publishes Leading causes of Certifiable Visual Loss year ending March 2013

29 January 2016

EYE journal publishes ‘Leading causes of Certifiable Visual Loss in England and Wales during the year ending March 2013’

This latest study, published 21 December 2015, updates figures on leading causes of registrable blindness in England and Wales. AMD is still by far the leading cause and glaucoma is the next frequently occurring cause of sight loss certifications followed by hereditary retinal disorders for SSI (diabetic eye disease in 2007-2008) and cerebrovascular disease and diabetic eye disease for SI (diabetic eye disease and hereditary retinal disorders in 2007-2008).

The last report on causes of certified sight loss in England and Wales was for 2007-2008 where AMD was the leading cause of certification.

The number of blind people in Britain has been counted since 1851, and reports on the causes of low vision in England and Wales began in 1950. Since 2005 in England and 2007 in Wales, registration as blind or partially sighted has been initiated by completion of a designated certificate – the Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI) in England and the CVI-W in Wales. Copies of each form are sent for epidemiological analysis to the Certifications Office, London.

You can read the article on Nature’s website.

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