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SAS doctors 7th National Day report

12 December 2016

If you were one of the crowd who attended, I’m sure you’ll agree that this was one of the best  SAS meetings ever!  Having the new College premises as our venue is a great help with accessibility as it is very close to Euston station – there were delegates from all 4 home nations this year. It also helps to keep costs to a minimum (£50 and 5 CPD points) and the catering was much better than the average conference food.

The programme is always chosen with the practical clinical workplace in mind and this year excelled in this regard.

Professor Miles Stanford took us through “The Eye in Systemic Vasculitis” , concentrating on the more common conditions, including new insights on giant cell arteritis.

Nick George covered paediatric emergencies, often a concern for the non-paediatric ophthalmologist who finds themselves treating children in casualty clinics.

Bill Newman gave us practical advice on dealing with difficult  “Vision and Driving” scenarios with a helpful handout giving links for both doctors and patients.

Lastly Professor Teifion James gave us a rapid fire and very entertaining run through his best Clinical Pearls. Anyone who left early for their train seriously missed out!

Please consider joining us next year (November 17, 2017) . The networking alone is really enjoyable – a grand day out.

Anne Sinclair
Scotland SAS Representative