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Seminar Review: Primary Care Ophthalmology

8 December 2016

I attended the recent Primary Care Ophthalmology meeting at the College organised by Stella Hornby.

It was a thoroughly stimulating and thought-provoking meeting and definitely achieved its aim of enlightening the audience on the differing issues facing Primary Care Ophthalmology and the differing models of delivering it.

Parul Desai gave us an excellent overview of Commissioning eye services and the role of the Local Eye Health Networks which really helped to set the scene for the rest of the day.

We then had 3 presentations on differing models of delivering Primary eye care.

Moustafa Issa presented on a model of delivery in West Oxfordshire. Andrew Brown discussed his experiences in Leeds as a GPSI and then Andy Charley, GPSI in Kent working together with Aine Rice, an Optometrist with extensive Primary care experience, discussed their combined approach in East Kent.  These all deliver care in differing ways but in a very lean and patient friendly setting.

There were valuable lessons to learn from all these programmes.

We had a really stimulating presentation by Reshma Thampy on the role of the Comprehensive Ophthalmologist or Specialist Generalist and how this model fits into delivering efficient Ophthalmic care – it’s clear that there will be an increasing need for this role in the future as sub specialisation continues in units-but an enormous need to provide initial and subsequent management of differing eye conditions grows.

Chris Lloyd gave us a concise and practical approach to assessing functional visual loss in children. I found this really helpful.

Liz Bristow presented a very thought provoking talk on hydroxy Chloroquine retinopathy- she highlighted really useful take home messages from her own experience and thoughts on how we should manage these patients and liaison with rheumatology and dermatology.

Nick Cook should be congratulated on the most extensive audit and data he has collected over the years of chalazia treatment-an incredible piece of work with very valuable suggestions.

Stella Hornby gave us a snapshot of interesting cases seen in Primary care in Oxford- and how stimulating and challenging these cases can be- there were many take home messages

The day was really well received by the audience, which included GPSI’s, Optometrists, Ophthalmic Medical Practitioners and Ophthalmologists. All of us came from differing Professions but the Course highlighted how working together can provide better comprehensive eye care.

This is the second time I have attended this meeting and can thoroughly recommend it- I think it would also be really useful for Commissioners and Managers.


Anthony Moriarty

Consultant Ophthalmologist