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Seminar review: Skills in Imaging, Diagnosis and Management of Retinal Diseases

29 August 2017

Read the below seminar review written by Ambreen Kalhoro of Moorfields Eye Hospital for the RCOphth course which took place on 6&7 July 2017, “Skills in Imaging, Diagnosis and Management of Retinal Diseases”

I recently attended the RCO course on ‘Skills in Imaging, Diagnosis and Management of Retinal Diseases – 6&7 July 2017’.

I can happily say that this is one of the best courses that I have ever attended.

I say this for the reasons below (in no particular order):-

I wanted to update and consolidate my knowledge of retinal imaging.

With recent advances in imaging technology and the diversity of machines used, I wanted to spend time to obtain a solid overview for future practice. The two-day course format was ideal for this. There was enough time to cover a large amount of material.

I had heard some of the listed speakers at other events and knew that their lectures were always of very high quality.

I had attended the same course a few years ago. At the time, I had also been very impressed but had much less experience in MR at the time.

All of the speakers gave excellent presentations which were tailored to meet course objectives.  The course aimed to give a ‘3-pronged’ approach along the lines of :-

  • essential basics
  • retinal disease survival skills for your daily practice
  • what’s on the horizon.

The lectures were of very high quality with great image, video and text content. I learned a huge amount.

I really enjoyed the format,  style and ‘feel’ of the course. The audience was fully encouraged to ask questions and share experience. A lot of additional knowledge was gained from these Q+A sessions.

The venue, facilities, and catering were all of very high quality. There were plenty of breaks.

The location is very easy to find and travel to. I thought the cost of the course was very reasonable.

Given all of the above, I would happily re-attend next year. I know that the course organisers constantly update the seminar to keep each event relevant and stimulating.