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Workshop Review: National Ophthalmology Database (NOD) workshop

5 March 2018

This was a one day workshop held on Wednesday 21 February 2018, chaired by Professor John Sparrow, Clinical lead for NOD audit.

The day was a means of information and debate and included topics covering the origins of the audit and recommendations to support data validation and completeness.  The risk indicators and risk model /adjustments were detailed, coupled with very practical advice to get the best out of the audit process by case complexity adjustments.

The workshop had a multi-professional delegation and it was helpful to get Optometric input for ways in which visual acuity data returns could further feed the integrity of the audit. There was discussion about the CatPROM5 pilot which aims to further enhance the usefulness of NOD. Throughout the workshop there was opportunity for drop in sessions with both Medisosft and OpenEyes.

Overall this was a very informative workshop which for a non–surgeon, helped put the audit into context and resulted in several take-home messages. These will enhance future understanding and compliance and support individual surgeons and the services to get the best out of the audit, which ultimately will better inform our patients.

Rebecca Turner
Nurse Consultant
Oxford Eye Hospital, Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust