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SAS Ophthalmologists: Supporting a Key Workforce

23 August 2018

It is crucial that we support and value SAS doctors who are traditionally the mainstay of ophthalmic services in numerous hospital units. The RCOphth wishes to better engage and support SAS ophthalmologists, to ensure greater understanding of their contributions and their concerns to help unlock their full potential. It is important that the SAS career path is positively recognised as a desirable and respected role offering doctors advantages and different options compared with trainee and consultant positions.

In 2017, the RCOphth undertook its first national survey of SAS ophthalmologists, the results of which are published here. We wish to work actively with SAS doctors, their colleagues and external organisations to develop actions for improvement.

We are very grateful to all the SAS ophthalmologists who took the time to complete the survey and provide their views and suggestions.

SAS Survey 2017/18 report – ‘SAS Ophthalmologists: Supporting a Key Workforce’