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How to protect patients and NHS staff against influenza infection

13 September 2018

Flu immunisation remains the most effective method to help protect against influenza infection. Along with other interventions, influenza immunisation is an important tool in preventing and controlling respiratory infections in healthcare settings.

Public Health England estimates that an average 8,000 people die from flu in England each year. Some years that figure reaches 14,000. That’s more than eight times the number of confirmed cases of measles (91), mumps (717) and rubella (5) combined in 2015.

In September 2018, senior leaders in the NHS wrote to chief executives of NHS trusts to highlight the importance of healthcare workers getting vaccinated against flu. The letter advises how organisations should plan to ensure every staff member is offered the vaccine which will enable NHS organisations to achieve the highest possible level of vaccine coverage this winter.

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The general public and patients who are concerned about protecting themselves or those they care for, can find more information on NHS Choices