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National Recruitment Changes

3 October 2019

ST3 recruitment was paused for 2019 to carry out a full consultation of the College membership.  The results of this consultation are that:

  • Entry into training will be possible above the ST1 level.
  • Recruitment (all levels) will be done at the same time in the same location.
  • ST4 will be the highest appointable level to accommodate future curriculum changes.

National Recruitment 2020

National Recruitment will next take place on 6 and 7 February 2020 in Bristol.

Those applying for entry above ST1 level will be interviewed on Thursday, 6 February. They will have a gap analysis of their competencies and portfolio to ensure that they are of an appropriate level for the post they are applying to.

Applicants applying for ST3 will need a minimum of 24 months of experience by the date of interview.  The upper limit to the stage of entry will be ST4 to accommodate focussed training in special interest areas after the implementation of the new OST curriculum.

ST1 recruitment will run on Friday, 7 February.  The eligibility criteria for ST1 has changed this year to be:

  • 18 months’ or less experience in Ophthalmology including Medical Ophthalmology (not including Foundation modules) by date of interview.

Fiona Spencer
Chair Training Committee

Sarah Maling
Chair Recruitment Sub-committee