Attitudes, Ethics & Responsibilities AER16

With appropriate decision making skills, clinical reasoning and judgement so that they will:




Learning Outcome

  • Carry out responsibilities in a timely manner, prioritising urgent and important tasks.
  • Recognise stress in yourself and others.
  • Develop strategies to adapt to stress and adversity.


MSF Part 2 FRCOphth 


Feedback likely from: medical staff, Allied Health Professional (nurse, optometrist, orthoptists), secretarial and clerical staff

Target Year of Achievement

Year 1 (annual review)

Related Learning Outcomes



  • Reflect on when you last found it difficult to fit everything you had to do into the time available and how you coped on that occasion.
  • Reflect on which activities you should give priority to when time is short at work.
  • Reflect on whether it is possible for you to avoid stressful situations without shirking your responsibilities.
  • Reflect on when it is appropriate to delegate tasks to others, or simply ask for help.
  • Develop coping mechanisms to deal with stressful events.
  • Identify potential sources of support in your Department, Trust and Deanery for times of stress.


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