Role in Health Service HS5

Appreciation of the role of the doctor within the health service, in particular:




Learning Outcome

  • Adopt the role of the leader in the multi-professional team where appropriate.
  • Know the different types of leadership role and understand that they are not solely based on hierarchy.


Portfolio Part 2 FRCOphth 


Target Year of Achievement

Year 7

Related Learning Outcomes


  • Consider the responsibilities of a leader and develop the skills of leadership. These include supporting and developing individuals, ensuring the contribution of all team members, ensuring no practice beyond an individual’s current capability, enabling efficient functioning and cohesion of the team and repairing breakdowns in team effectiveness.
  • Promote professional values.
  • Encourage a team approach to patient safety and act as a patient advocate.
  • Act in a leadership role, under the supervision of a senior colleague, seeking appropriate feedback.


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