Surgical Skills SS10

To assess a patient clinically, in OPD and elsewhere, in particular to:




Learning Outcome

  • Be able to perform a biopsy of ocular and adnexal tissues.
  • Understand the indications and limitations of the biopsy.
  • Ensure that the biopsy sample is prepared correctly for subsequent laboratory analysis and liaise with laboratory staff so that appropriate media, identification of edges and transport are used to maximise the diagnostic yield of the biopsy.
  • Make appropriate and reliable arrangements for the result to be acted upon in a timely fashion.


OSATS1 Portfolio Part 2 FRCOphth 


Target Year of Achievement

Year 7

Related Learning Outcomes


  • Understand whether incisional or total biopsy is indicated.
  • Attend clinics dealing with lid and external eye tumours.
  • Be aware of the risks of the procedure.
  • Be able to manage endophthalmitis needing vitreous biopsy.
  • Attend VR lists and learn to set up for pars plana vitrectomy and perform the core vitrectomy under supervision.
  • Use strict protocols for ensuring correct labelling.
  • Liaise closely with local laboratories regarding specific requirements for sample preparation, documentation and transportation, particularly in regard to specimens being transported by non-NHS personnel such as taxi drivers
  • Ensure that you receive the result promptly, or ensure that someone knows you have delegated this to them and ensure that it is acted upon expeditiously.
  • Ensure you know the significance of the result, and discuss this with colleagues/trainers if necessary.


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