Surgical Skills SS7

To assess a patient clinically, in OPD and elsewhere, in particular to:




Learning Outcome

  • Manage patients with lid problems.
  • Understand and recognise the causes of lid mal-position and lash mis-direction and the surgical options available.
  • Manage lid lesions by performing appropriate incision, curettage, biopsy or excision.
  • Recognise when the management requires specialist referral.


OSATS1 Portfolio Part 2 FRCOphth 


Note: OSATS after initial Target Year of Achievement should reflect an increase in complexity of cases

Target Year of Achievement

Year 2 (2 assessments) and 6 assessments during Year 4-7

Related Learning Outcomes


  • Understand the anatomy of the eyelids and conditions amenable to surgical correction.
  • Know possible complications of lid surgery.
  • Ensure you know basic tissue-handling/suturing skills and how to improve them.
  • Progress through simple to more-complex lid surgery.
  • Know how to explain options and procedures to the patient.
  • Understand when cryotherapy could be useful.
  • Assess your patients carefully pre and post-op and audit the results.
  • You should be able to perform procedures including correction of simple entropion and ectropion, pentagon excision for lid margin lesions, upper lid blepharoplasty, chalazions and ideally, tarsorraphy.
  • Practise in a supervised simulated environment.


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