Practical Skills PS10

To assess a patient clinically, in OPD and elsewhere, in particular to:




Learning Outcome


  • Perform a corneal scrape for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
  • Understand the indications and risks of the procedure.
  • Liaise with laboratory staff so that the specimen is properly identified, presented and transported.
  • Know how to handle any samples taken from the cornea to increase the diagnostic yield.
  • Make appropriate and reliable arrangements for the result to be acted upon in a timely fashion.



DOPS Portfolio Part 2 FRCOphth 


Target Year of Achievement

Year 2

Related Learning Outcomes


  • Understand the indications, techniques and equipment needed to perform a corneal scrape and know how the specimen(s) should be treated (plating-out, etc.), labelled and transported.
  • See what your local laboratory needs to know and how this is best communicated.
  • Contact your local microbiology department to find out what the plating procedures are in your hospital and what other specific requirements need to be addressed including for sample preparation, documentation and transportation (especially when non-NHS personnel, such as taxi drivers, are involved).
  • Follow up your patient and ensure that you will receive the result promptly, or at least ensure that someone knows you have delegated this to them.
  • Ensure you know the significance of the result, and discuss this with colleagues/trainers if necessary.


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