Communication C9

To assess a patient clinically, in OPD and elsewhere, in particular to:




Learning Outcome

  • Understand and comply with guidance on complaints from the GMC and other professional bodies.
  • Be aware of and comply with local guidance in the management of errors and complaints regarding clinical services or professional practice.
  • Be open with patients and colleagues when errors or complaints have arisen and provide a full and frank explanation, taking particular care to ensure that all possible ameliorating measures are taken and explained.
  • Respond to any complaint about your clinical practice in a sensitive and professional manner and ensure that the clinical care of the patient is not compromised.
  • Respond appropriately to complaints about the clinical practice of other health service professionals in a sensitive and professional manner.
  • Document these incidents in the e-Portfolio.


MSF Portfolio Part 2 FRCOphth  


Target Year of Achievement

Year 1 (annual review)

Related Learning Outcomes


  • Consider the support you and/or other staff require in coping with a complaint and where that support can be provided.
  • Accept that you will get complaints and try and react constructively. Many complaints may appear trivial, but none should be dismissed.
  • Act on complaints quickly and learn from your experiences of dealing with complaints. Write a reflective piece in your e-Portfolio.


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