Patient Management PM10

To assess a patient clinically, in OPD and elsewhere, in particular to:




Learning Outcome

  • Know and be able to interpret the visual standards for driving.
  • Locate published guidance and advise a patient on occupational visual standards.
  • Respond appropriately to requests for information about a patient’s vision from the relevant authority. You must act appropriately as per GMC guidance and when necessary.


CbD Part 1 FRCOphth Part 2 FRCOphth 


Target Year of Achievement

Year 7

Related Learning Outcomes



  • Patients will require advice on the visual standards for driving many different types of vehicle and you will need to be familiar with the DVLA guidelines.
  • In any clinical encounter with a patient you must consider how their vision may impact upon driving or other relevant occupational standards e.g. pilots, police etc. If you are aware that the patient’s vision is below a relevant standard then you must act appropriately and inform the patient and, where necessary, relevant authorities.
  • Advise patients on the process of informing the DVLA and/or occupational health department of their employers about their visual status and the potential outcome of the medical enquiry.
  • When considering visual standards, it is important to understand the different techniques that are involved in assessing vision and how these may differ from common clinical assessment methods, e.g. Goldmann and Esterman visual fields.
  • Understand the limitations of visual assessments, and the practical difficulties in performing the tests accurately.


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